Colorado range report

October 23, 2015 by geliseo - No Comments

Antony Relou, sent us a nice report worth sharing:

Hi there Gents,

“Wanted to send you guys a quick one to say thanks for an *awesome* rifle! My friends are all very jealous.

The attached pics show what she looks like now, and some of the very first groups out of the barrel for load development.”

“I am South African by birth, and was taught to shoot by my uncle at a very young age. He drilled this mantra into my head that every shot should be a *perfect* shot, or a “KOPSKOOT”. I thought he would be tickled if I named the gun in his honor. The lettering is made from reflective silver vinyl. What could be more tactical than blindingly reflective graphics on your all – white rifle?”

“Peer pressure is a nasty thing. Over the last few years, a number of my shooting buddies here in Denver have been building 6BR rifles and competing (successfully) in local “tactical” type matches. They even formed their own team, and had their own T-shirts printed… of course now I had to have one. Being 6 foot 5” I wanted something that was very adjustable – your Tube gun was just the ticket.”

Build specs:

–          RTS chassis, accepting AICS mags

–          Longer “tactical” fore-end

–          20 MOA rail

–          Bag rider attachment

–          Glossy White, because it is the furthest from “tactical” I can think of

–          Pierce Tube Gun Action

–          28” Broughton Med Palma barrel, Chambered for 6BR

–          APA Gen 2 “Little Bastard Brake” to handle the punishing recoil

–          Jewell trigger, with bottom safety

–          All smithed by Pierce Engineering, who have much experience with your tube guns.”

Thanks Antony,  sweet rifle and great write up!