The Gen3 system is a fully modular chassis system,  using the same rigid forend attachment as the very successful UMRS rifle system, with a variety of forends, lower units and buttstock configurations to suit any shooting discipline, available for most Remington pattern 700 long and short actions, RH or LH, Custom Cerakote or powdercoat finishes available. Own the most winning system on the firing line, built to your specifications!

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Remington pattern actions, lower unit options (top to bottom)

R1 single shot

R5 repeater, accepts CMI 5 round magazine for 223, 6BR, 6XC, 6.5 Creedmoor

RTS repeater, accepts AICS magazine

New PRO adjustable, single shot lower that adjusts for length of pull and grip rotation, learn more about the new PRO lower here:

Remington pattern actions, forend options (left to right) 2″ diameter standard

Hunter angle slot, minimal weight

Tactical/FTR/Target angle slot, accepts all attachments as well as Ergo handstop

Target/FTR stagger slot, accepts Ergo handstop, ARCA rail or picatinny accessory rail at 6:00

Remington pattern actions, fully adjustable match buttstock cheekpiece options (left to right)

Radius cantilever (RH or LH) optimal comfort, for the sling shooter

Horizontally adjustable, optimal adjustability, for the sling shooter, helps get your eye behind the sight

Radius ambidextrous (tactical and f class) allows the lowest scope mounting

AR adapter allows use with multi position carbine buttstocks