Introducing the new F1 chassis

July 20, 2015 by geliseo - No Comments


The New F1 chassis system designed specifically for F-open class has already begun to rack up awards, the system has several innovations that make it an excellent choice for your next build. Design features for better tracking and to control torque effect are:

Super low rider forend, keeps the center of gravity as low as possible

Adjustable horizontal offset forend, allows you to choose if you want the forend offset left, right or center

Increased bore centerline to toe distance

f1 003

Stress is the enemy of accuracy, for this reason the system features our “zero stress” barrel mounting system which uses a barrel block permanently bonded to the barrel, this allows the action to float reliving all stress from the threaded joint between the barrel and action and all flexing of the action, because of this the F1 system is compatible with ANY round rifle action! Replacement barrel blocks are available and allow multiple barreled actions to be used with one chassis or for future re barrels

f1 005

The system also has adjustable length of pull, buttplate drop and cheekpiece height

We are currently accepting orders for Fall delivery, please contact us with your questions.