Modern Muzzleloader/Centerfire

September 28, 2015 by geliseo - No Comments

Doug Ritter built an unusual rifle and shared it with us, Doug built his RTS around a Pierce Engineering short action but whats so unusual about this build is its a Muzzleloader / Cenerfire switch rifle, yep by swapping the bolt and barrel he can change from a 260 to a 45 cal muzzleloader, this allows Doug to take advantage of early deer season muzzleloader hunts, Doug adds

“Bullets below first one from left to right is a 275be 270emax 327MH all these bullets are made by Parker.
All bullets are ran through adjustable sizing die.
There’s a few other ones out there that shoot really well and you can push them between 2600-3000fps depending on barrel length and how much recoil you like.
The 45 caliber bullet the bore is very very accurate it is nothing to shoot well under half MOA pretty easy”

Thanks Doug, really cool rig!

muzzle loader 2

muzzle loader 4muzzle loader 3