We can build that custom rifle to your specifications on any of our chassis systems, using your action or ours, each CMI custom rifle is carefully crafted for the highest degree of accuracy and reliability, our customers have set many national records and won many state, regional and national championships with the rifles we have built for them, shoot with the best!

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Universal Match Rifle System:

Our top of the line rifle system, built around a custom Pierce Engineering action made to our specifications, premium match barrels and Bix N Andy triggers, the best of everything fitted to our special UMRS chassis system that’s fully adjustable and easily adaptable to any shooting discipline, available in any short action or long action chambering, Highpower, Long range, FTR, PRS and X long range, the UMRS can do it all, learn more here: https://wordpress.com/post/eliseorifles.wordpress.com/4

T3 Competition Rifle:

Probably the best commercial action on the market, the Tikka T3 is an excellent platform for a more affordable custom rifle build, with a slick bolt and 70 degree bolt lift it has lots going for it, we install a premium match barrel and tune the already very good factory trigger to excellence then install it into our Gen 3 fully adjustable chassis system, resulting in very impressive performance