Range report by Alan Wayatt

May 11, 2015 by geliseo - No Comments

Alan Wyatt sent us a report on his new RTS varmint rig;

“Gary, I finally got my gun together and got some shooting in.  I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your chassis, the feel, function, and look of it is great.  The gun shot consistently .5 moa during load development and my finally load is a solid .3 moa performer out to 300 yards.
I have it set up in a straight .284 with .162 amaxs going around 2920.  It has already got a few ground hogs down as well.  I hope you enjoy the pics, the group was shot at 200 yards and is a .45″
Its a Krieger barrel with a Harrell brake, Bob green did the smithing.  Its got a pierce tube gun action also.  Thanks again for a great stock, I could not be more pleased.
Thanks again, happy shooting”
wayat rts
200 group
Thanks Alan!
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