September 8, 2012 by geliseo - No Comments

“Hey Gary,

Well now that I’ve had it to the range a couple of times I like it even better. I have a 243 Winchester Kreiger 7.5 twist in it shooting 115 DTAC’s, 107 Match Kings and 105 Amax bullets. All three are producing consistent sub ½ MOA groups all the way out to 1000 yds prone of the bipod.”

“It’s a great product, I had a lot of lookers at the 1000 yd range today, it really looks good and shoots great…I shot a little impromptu 1000 yd. match breaking 4” clay targets on the backstop with a couple of fellas today with it… Your chassis and my little 243 with 115 DTAC’s whipped up on a 308, a 7mm Mag and a 338 Laupa. Pretty impressive.”