Match report from Sam Glover

June 26, 2014 by geliseo - No Comments

The 6.5×47 tube gun shot very well at 500 this weekend. I shot a couple low into the 10 region since I had not been able to fully test this new load at 500 with travel for work. It shot very well, the condition was holding so I moved up and shot for bullseyes. The group is 0.5 moa, but the width is 0.2 moa which is about where this load has been tracking for accuracy overall. Anyway, very happy how it is shooting. Since these ‘varmint matches’ allow a 25 lb gun, it is sporting some tungsten to put me at a bit over 24 lbs.

37.4 grains of Reloader 17, 10 thous jam, running about 2750 fps with 140 grain berger hybrids. The groups just have not held up at higher velocities for me with the Reloader, but if it shooting well at 2750, why fight it.

I installed Gary’s new rear bag rider, I like it a lot. And the new wood grip is nice to get a better touch on that trigger.

I was leading at 500 with a 49. There was actually a good bit of wind. I blew the bench setup at 200 (not the image shown) by not getting the gun pulled to me enough. That is just needing to practice more with it to get my bench setup more consistent. Match was a benchrest shooters match (heavy emphasis on 100 and 200) since the format was 5 at 500, 10 at 200, and 5 at 100. The other matches for this style varmint shoot 5 at 100, 10 at 300, 5 at 400, which makes those pure benchrest guns stretch their legs a bit more. Almost everyone was shooting a 6 BR.

I will start doing some 600 yard matches at the club F-class with a bit less mass to stay under the 22 lb limit.