Range report by Steve Cass

July 25, 2012 by geliseo - No Comments



Caliber: 300 RUM

Chassis: RTM Tactical model, Desert Fox Cerakote camo finish

Action: Remington 700 long

Barrel: Factory Remington with Teludyne Straight Jacket modification

Brake: Teludyne

Trigger: Jewell

Scope: Nightforce BR

Bipod: Atlas V8

“I did a short range test with the RTM last weekend. So far, it is showing me good things”. 
“I used Remington 180 grain Level III ammo. This ammo uses 180 gr Core-Lokt Ultra Bonded PSP bullets.The level III loading is pretty intense. The Remington packaging claims that it delivers a muzzle velocity of 3250 fps. The rifle is heavy enough and with the muzzle brake the recoil  really is minimal and not a concern. This load gave me a five shot group of .719″ at 100 yards from the bench.”
“I have five of your chassis’ now and I like all of them! Each one is different too. All are switch barrels except for this one and that may change in the future. It’s difficult to say which I like the best since I did build them up for different purposes.”
Steve Cass
(Thanks Steve, sweet looking rifle!   Send me your range report and I’ll feature it here