October 2, 2012 by geliseo - No Comments

Just wanted to let you know I set a new pending National Record at 300 yards, F-open, service category. I shot a clean 200 with 9x’s. I shot this record on 8 September 2012 at Camp Butner, North Carolina. First I must say that Butner is a great place to shoot, and the matches are run by great people. It’s also probably some of the best competition that you will ever experience. There are several past and present national champions that shoot there on a regular basis.
That morning I got lucky and drew the first relay. The wind wasn’t very strong 3-5mph. So it’s not like out west where you get the 15-30mph winds. The trick with Butner is that it switches on you very abruptly and very often. During the relay it switched directions 4 times. I was able to pick up the switches and shoot a clean relay. The last few shot’s I got pretty nervous and I kept telling myself not to screw it up now. Thank goodness I didn’t.
Unlike most of the guys using your single shot R1 or B1 chassis; I’m using the RTS chassis, with a pierce TG action. I went with the RTS due to the great versatility of it. If I ever decide to shoot a tactical match or whatever else I decide to do with it. I have a couple barrels for the gun one in .284Win (Bartlien) and one in 6.5×47 lapua (Brux). The 6.5 lapua is the barrel used for the record. Unless it’s really windy I find that the 6.5 with 130g Berger’s are tough to beat at midrange. The gun was built by the guys at Accurate Ordnance. This will be my third National record if it’s deemed official.
Keith Trapp